Product features

Vendor Accounts payable Management

  • Vendor_Accounts_payable_Management

    Vendor records management

    • Create Vendors records easier and faster
    • Clone New Vendors from excising ones and avoid retyping the data
    • Provision for entering all the standard vendor management Details
    • Add Custom Vendor Fields
  • Check printing

    Check printing

    • Design the check printing Layout as per your check design
    • Now you can stop writing and go Printing
  • E-Filing


    • Give in the parameters and the system would do the E-Filing hazard
    • Generate Form , Form A Template Information
  • Payment date calculation

    Payment date calculation

    • By Creating Payment Terms, You can calculate Payment dates
    • Stop paying interests for delayed payments
    • Stop paying before it’s due More Cash in hand is a more leveraged balance sheet
  • Suspicious Payment Alerts

    Suspicious payment alerts

    • Easily Identify Duplications Multiple payments on the same day to the same vendor on the same amount might be duplication Get notified and stay safe
    • Duplication reporting scopes throughout sales, Purchase, receipts and payment documents Now you can be Confident on your system reports
  • Purchase Price Contracting

    Purchase Price Contracting

    • Enter your purchase price contracts into the system and you can monitor deviation from the price in the purchase document and the price for which they agreed to deliver
  • Advance payment scheduling

    Advance payment scheduling

    • Schedule the payments beforehand
    • You can choose the purchase documents and set the Payment date/s
  • Accounts payable purchase order reconciliation

    Accounts payable purchase order reconciliation

    • Reconcile the Accounts payable with a relevant purchase order Now you can rest assured that the payments are for the order you placed
  • AP document attachment

    AP document attachment

    • Attach the scanned copy of the original purchase document with your AP Its better be safe.
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