Product features


  • Role-based authentication & user privileges

    Role-based authentication & user privileges

    • Users can create roles for each form by opening the authorization window
    • Additional authorization creates any additional authorization feature required but not present in the preset Condition
  • Audit trails

    Audit trails

    • Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant Audit trails prevents fraud by capturing all account activity and tags it to the originating user
    • These tags can be further evaluated at multiple levels
  • Encryption


    • Did you know that storing unencrypted credit card data is a “Deemed Offence”? PCI standards forbids it
    • Protect your customers data and then show off on your website that you’ve done so with fancy logos from compliance orgs
  • Data Encryption

    Data Encryption

    • Protect your confidential data by Glowsis Data Encryption Program 5.0
    • Optionally Encrypt Entire tables at your choice
    • Multiple supplier management assists in switching the product supplier between the available ones
  • Automatic data back-up

    Automatic data back-up

    • Back up the data automatically to
      • a. Disk, tape or almost anywhere
    • backup functionality helps turn potential catastrophes into minor annoyances
  • Locked reporting periods

    Locked reporting periods

    • Protect the past from the future Lock down and close accounting periods to avoid issues with accounting irregularities
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