Product features


  • Search tools

    Search tools

    • Capable and efficient search functionality is a hidden time-saver
    • Search in almost every row and column in the grid simultaneously. It’s what you feed in and let the system do the searching
  • Import/export


    • Easily Import the data from excel into Glowsis using Glow Data Migration Wizard 3.5
    • Export almost any data to excel by simply clicking the export to excel icon on the top panel
  • Web-based


    • You can use your web browser for just about anything these days And, guess what, there are plenty of Glowsis resources you can use online
    • Online Summary Gives the advantage of having all the reports on your finger tips from anywhere around the globe
  • SaaS (Software as a service)

    SaaS (Software as a service)

    • What we do is more than just our software.
    • Training and Implementing the software comes along the package (Additionally priced though)
  • Custom reporting

    Custom reporting

    • When you start using Glowsis it becomes a rich source of information about your business
    • Custom reporting tool (User Report Wizard 2.5) lets you fish out the info you need and Front end reporting GUIs spare you the pain of authoring your own database query statements
    • Glowsis Supports as many custom reports as required and keeps these custom reports at easy access at User Reports GUI
  • Report templating

    Report templating

    • Save the Reports Parameters you give in can avoid repetitive Efforts
    • Multiple Templates allows the users the luxury of switching conditions of same reports and enjoy many parameter reports at once
  • Multi-currency


    • Doing business overseas?
    • The ability to store multiple currencies and move between them is a functionality you’ll definitely want access to
  • Integration


    • So many opportunities for integration needs! APIs can connect CRM, POS, HR, hardware to your core Glowsis system
  • Approvals management

    Approvals management

    • Configurable workflows and approvals let you manage and authorize processes across a range of financial activities
  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts

    • Shortcuts cut the time and labor costs, Set short cuts to forms as a user choice
    • The choice of one user will not affect the choice of other users. If UserA sets shortcut F9 For Sales Invoice, that will not affect the Choice of UserB. He/she may use F9 for any other window from the 500+ Available Windows in Glowsis
  • Multi-user


    • Glowsis Supports up to 5000 users at its Enterprise Package
    • Multi User support spreads into user account controls, Cash Flow management and much more. Increased no of users doesn’t result in decreased control. It’s safe and sound all the way up
  • Multi-entity


    • 1. Users can create as many companies in Glowsis. It also facilitates easy switch over from one company to the other
  • Graphical management dashboards

    Graphical management dashboards

    • It’s still the going rate when exchanging words for pictures Quickly share KPI data with top decision makers via graphical management dashboards
    • Present your reports with Glowsis advanced Cockpit 3.5. Now The reports would do the talking
  • Configurable alerts

    Configurable alerts

    • If a tree falls and nobody hears it, it still definitely makes a sound Make sure you’re tuned in and listening for critical business events with conditional alerting
    • Alert management facilitates conditional notification to users on multiple triggers. Stay online with what is happening at your company
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