Product features

Budgeting and forecasting

  • What if scenarios

    What if scenarios

    • When the crystal ball isn’t perfectly clear, what-if scenario support allows you to apply changes to revenue and expense drivers and consider the potential financial impact
    • Deviation reporting allows you to identify Expenses going above the Budget
  • Versioning & approvals

    Versioning & approvals

    • Set approval process, So that only authorized persons can enter payments above the Budget limits
    • Multi Level Budgeting allows you to have budget same accounts several times and evaluate the actual balances with each of these budgets
  • Sales forecasts

    Sales forecasts

    • It's part art and part science
    • Consider previous performance, weighted trends, seasonal patterns, and market changes to better predict sales revenues
    • As the software is built to contain multiple years at once Sales information from previous years can act as a powerful indication to the forecasting and sales progress mapping
  • Actual variance reporting

    Actual variance reporting

    • To focus on budgeting tools and linking the budget with general ledger acts as the bridge between reality and expectations
    • Variance reporting gives insight into valuable information of Positive and negative Deviations
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