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FA,GL And financial reporting

  • A.	Depreciation formulas

    Depreciation formulas

    • It is a necessity for accurate balance sheet valuation and tax optimization to support the right depreciation method?
    • Asset Valuation and depreciation are key factors in balance sheet accuracy
    • Income Tax Calculations Becomes as easy as the press of a button
  • B.	Double entry, accrual accounting

    Double entry, accrual accounting

    • Glowsis Supports more than just double entry. The ERP is Constructed from the core by double entry principle
    • Accrual-based accounting
    • Complete GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Standards) compliance
  • C.	Balance sheet

    Balance sheet

    • Glowsis supports balance sheets to report on a business’s financial condition
    • And Also more control over presentation and detail
  • D.	Profit and loss

    Profit and loss

    • How'd you do during X period?
    • The profit and loss statement Like the balance sheet is an important aspect of management Accounting
    • Glowsis improvises the ease of compilation and visual display
  • E.	Chart of accounts

    Chart of accounts

    • you can choose between pre-defined account codes or importing/defining your own when establishing a chart of accounts
    • And offers superb Sorting options and navigation Tools
  • F.	Flexible accounting periods

    Flexible accounting periods

    • Create as many Accounting periods as you may need in just one instance of the App.
    • Support for flexible accounting periods, You can create accounting periods for Quarterly or even monthly
  • G.	Departmental tracking

    Departmental tracking

    • Dividing revenues and expenses to departments, locations, and cost center does offer more granular performance visibility
    • Know which sections / Departments are more productive
    • Profitability reporting by sections allows you the luxury of section wise commission and incentive programs
  • H.	Automatic reversing entries

    Automatic reversing entries

    • Adjusting and reversing entries are easy opportunities for mistakes
    • Automation helps move accruals forward without opening the opportunity for human error
  • I.	Fund accounting

    Fund accounting

    • When being accountable is more important than being profitable
    • Fund accounting has been found indispensable for non-profit and government organizations when working with grants and allocations
  • J.	Flexible account codes

    Flexible account codes

    • Length, starting point, format Make sure your software allows the account coding structure you require
    • Chart of account code can be both fully automatic or Manually identified
  • K.	Financial statement consolidations

    Financial statement consolidations

    • Merge financials to get a clearer view of the road your business is on
  • L.	Statistical accounts

    Statistical accounts

    • The fancy term for it is business intelligence, But GlowMetric have long allowed for the tracking of non-financial data like headcounts and units sold
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