Product features


  • SKU/UOM (stock keeping unit) tracking and stock counts

    SKU/UOM (stock keeping unit) tracking and stock counts

    • Managing SKUs and stock counts represents the fundamental basis of GlowMetric
    • Goods can be sold and purchased on Multiple UOMs even when the stock in inventory is managed at the smallest Unit possible
  • Serial number or lot tracking

    Serial number or lot tracking

    • That’s the one!
    • The ability to recognize not just the type of item, but the specific unit or batch helps with everything from warranty tracking to avoiding unnecessary recall costs
  • Location tracking & movement history

    Location tracking & movement history

    • Know the last time you have shipped the particular item and get the details
    • Movement histories gives you much more insight into product Movement and pricing
  • Price management

    Price management

    • Setting pricing on just a handful of products is straightforward, Managing prices on a large number of items with volume or customer-based discounting requires more sophisticated controls
    • Multi Pricing System of Glowsis Allows the users to create as many prices as required
  • Bill of materials, kitting

    Bill of materials, kitting

    • You can use Bill of materials. If you need to sell many items as a package, and invoice the package item.
    • Package a combination of items and stick a barcode on the package. Now issue the new package and each item in the combination would be issued by the system automatically
  • Stock level alerts

    Stock level alerts

    • We’re almost out of X, time to reorder! Stock level alerts help avoid shortages, back-orders, and, most importantly, disappointed customers
    • Automated notifications add on the advantage by popping up in the home page at Preset times
  • LIFO, FIFO, average cost options

    LIFO, FIFO, average cost options

    • Users can Choose between the costing methods
      • a. Last in First Out
      • b. First In First Out
      • c. Average Cost
    • Finding a costing method isn’t hard, but it is important for minimizing your tax burden
  • Landed costs

    Landed costs

    • 1. It’s not just the cost of your products and supplies that matters It’s also the cost to acquire and store them Landed costs help you understand product profitability more accurately
  • Unit of measurement conversion

    Unit of measurement conversion

    • Gallons to pounds Pallets to cases Boxes to units Whatever your conversions are, pre-defining custom calculations prevents an opportunity to introduce manual errors and saves time
    • Additionally Custom Calculations can be Added/Altered to meet the organizations changing needs
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