Product features


  • Check printing

    Check printing

    • Glowsis Supports Multi Print Designs for checks. You can use the check designs according to the banks you have
    • payroll checks Customizable stubs and batch printing options differentiate your options
  • Laws and Payroll

    Laws and Payroll

    • PF, ESI, HRA, Minimum Wages and much more affects the payroll.
    • Users can add additional wage/Salary parameters as Salary bricks
    • Manual Attendance Support to the payroll
    • Integration with ESSL Punching Machine
  • Benefits deductions

    Benefits deductions

    • The ability to properly deduct for k, insurance, or other employer provided benefits is a critical component which is supported effortlessly by Glowsis
  • Central payroll tax support

    Central payroll tax support

    • Support Central and State payroll taxes with indian tax tables and forms
  • State payroll forms

    State payroll forms

    • Every state has its own tax rules, effortlessly manage the payroll of branches across the country. Glowsis meets the standard tax requirements of all Indian States
  • Time and attendance

    Time and attendance

    • Register the daily attendance units and get the summary at payroll
    • Decide how much employees work affect how much you’re going to pay them.
    • Integrated time tracking features reduce the time associated with hourly-based paychecks
  • Employee self-service

    Employee self-service

    • It’s another employee checking on their vacation days or benefits, Give the power to the people and save yourself some time on common payroll questions
  • Commissions/Incentive Management

    Commissions/Incentive Management

    • Incentives! They’re great to get employees performing, but a pain for payroll administrators Ease the burden with custom support features for incentive calculation and application
    • Incentives and commissions gets listed in the employees payments section
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