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Glowsis is guided by the requirement of the Next Generation Entrepreneurs and it is a global ERP solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and alertness needed to support strategic initiatives. Glowsis delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. The out-of-box solution of Glowsis covers all the key process of an organization.The solution acts as an extra spine covering all your business processes, people, customers, suppliers and partners in a complete collaborative and proactive network.


what you get

Attendance and Time Management, Sales Management, Client Management, Document Management, Project Management, Planning and Scheduling, Email Marketing, Point Of Sale, Control Panel, Programmability, Accounts, Human Resource Managment, System Definition, Production, Customer Relation Management, Rent Management, Retail Management, Library Management, Hospital Management, Jwellery Management, Automobile Mangement, Queue Management, Resort Management, Campus Managemnet, Website Development, E-commerce and Mobile ERP.

Business Process Key Considerations in Glowsis

Selection and implementation of a Glowsis can reduce manual processes, eliminate redundancy, and reduce papper documentation giving your company the opportunity to :

  • Review all business processes in place and determine which are required, which can be modified, and which can be eliminated
  • Identify and eliminate redundancy and manual data entry.
  • Standardize business processes across all departments.
  • Adopt the best practices available in new software to obtain greater efficiency over the current ways of doing business.
Job Costing
A/C Receivable and billing
Budgeting and forecasting
Cash management
FA,GL and FR

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Glowsis Technologies designed and develope world class products that provides you the results that you always wanted. Our products are always clean, clear, user-friendly and customized to your needs!

Revolve your world around your customers and more customers will revolve around you

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